13 Nov2013

Photo Legacy Project

Photo Legacy Project

Haddonfield’s Goodworth family lives on the property originally settled by Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh in 1713. Photo credit, Gwen Isner Photography


Welcome to the Tricentennial Family Photo Archive!  Help us to capture the people and places that made Haddonfield what it is in 2013, and preserve this snapshot of time for future generations!

The Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee and Haddonfield Civic Association are asking all Haddonfield residents to submit a photograph of their families in front of their homes this holiday season, with the family in the foreground and the home in the background, to memorialize life in Haddonfield in 2013.  Digital and printed photographs will be collected for publication in a town-wide photo album, which will be donated to the Historical Society of Haddonfield’s archives for future generations to view and enjoy.  The project is one of the final activities to commemorate the 300th anniversary of the settlement of Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh in 1713.

WHAT to Do:  Take a photo of your family in front of your house and submit it online or by mail.

WHEN to Do It:  Ideally, at Thanksgiving 2013 (Thursday, November 28 thru Sunday, December 1) … but certainly before January 15.

How to SUBMIT a DIGITAL Photo:

1.         First, name your photo file using your street name followed by your house number (example: Chestnut123)

2.         Compose an e-mail, and use your street name and house number as your subject line (Example: Chestnut123)

3.         Cut & paste the following fields into your e-mail and provide the completed information:

  • Family name:
  • Address:
  • Names of those in the photograph (left to right; by row, if necessary):
  • Name of the photographer:

4.         Attach the photo to the e-mail.

  • File format: JPEG
  • File size per JPEG:
  • for 4X6 is 1200 X 1800 Pixels / at a minimum resolution 300 dpi
  • File size no smaller than 1.0 MB and up to 20 MB

5.             Address and send the e-mail to: haddonfieldphoto@gmail.com


How to SUBMIT a PRINT Photo:

1.         On a plain piece of paper, type or print the street address, name of head of household at that address, telephone number or e-mail address, names of those in the photograph (left to right; by row, if necessary), and name of the photographer.

2.         Do NOT attach or paperclip the paper to the photograph.

3.         Mail your photo and paper – suitably protected – to Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee, Photo Legacy Project, c/o Borough Hall, 242 Kings Highway East, Haddonfield, NJ 08033.

4.         Photos will not be returned.


How to TAKE the Photo:

  • The photograph should be of the people who live in your house or apartment. Got pets? Include them also, if you wish. Because photographs taken with cell phones are typically low-resolution, use a camera rather than a cell phone.
  • Assemble the people to be photographed closer to the sidewalk than to the house and locate the photographer about 4ft to 6ft in front of the subjects. The goal is for the photograph to be primarily of the people, with the house at a distance in the background.
  • If you live in an apartment, include the name or number of the apartment or other distinguishing feature in the photograph.

When to SUBMIT the Photo: On or before January 15, 2014

Need HELP? The Haddonfield Civic Association will organize Block Captains to photograph neighborhoods on specific dates. Block captains will set an appointment to take their neighbors’ photo, will show the family the photo for their approval, and will submit the approved photo to the Collection.  Other volunteers from the Civic Association will retrieve and catalog all of the submitted photos, checking off households as they come in.

 By submitting a photograph, you and the photographer confer on the Haddonfield Cultural Events Commission (the parent of the Haddonfield Tricentennial Committee) the absolute and unrestricted right to retain, store, and use the photograph in full or in part in any way and in any media in perpetuity, without notice or acknowledgment or payment of any kind to you, or to those in the photograph, or to the photographer.  Photographers are not permitted to place borders or frames around their images or to place watermarks, signatures, dates, copyrights notices on their images.