15 Jan2013

JWC Annual Fundraising Gala and Silent Auction – press release

The Junior Women’s Club of the Haddon Fortnightly will host its Annual Fundraising Gala and Silent Auction on Saturday, February 23rd from 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM. In celebration of the 300th Anniversary of Haddonfield, this year’s Gala will be held at the Haddon Fortnightly and will feature the cuisine of local Haddonfield restaurants.

In addition to celebrating the legacy of Elizabeth Haddon, this year’s Gala will celebrate the legacy of the women who have supported the Junior Women’s Club of the Haddon Fortnightly. Former members and friends of the JWC, are encouraged to attend this very special event. Please email your pictures from past JWC events, stories and quotes about your JWC experience to haddonjrs@gmail.com. These photos and comments will be part of the evening’s presentation.

Tickets are $50 per person and include a selection of local cuisine, beer and wine, and entertainment. All proceeds are donated to local and regional charities. To purchase your tickets please go to www.haddonjrs.org.

Last year’s Gala and Silent Auction benefited several charities including the Valerie Fund, an organization that provides health care for children with cancer and blood disorders in the tri-state area.

To donate items or services for the Gala and Silent Auction (please email haddonjrs@gmail.com). Donors will be listed on the Juniors’ website and on the event program.