04 Feb2013

Giving time in service to the community

All across the community, children and adults dedicated time to service during January.  The “Martin Luther King Day of Service” on January 19 gave local students the chance to serve many worthwhile local charities, including local animal shelters, elder-care facilities, local soup kitchens, food pantries and more.


All in all, more than 740 hours were spent in service to the community during the month of January.

The Haddonfield Tricentennial’s 300 Days of Service campaign is all about giving back.  Using this year to mark our gratitude for the gifts in our lives and honor those who came before us, we hope to inspire even more people to spend a day, an hour or many hours in service.  If you’d like to get involved but you are not sure where to begin, visit our website to see a list of upcoming February service projects, and keep visiting the site for updates.

If you do volunteer, don’t forget to let us know – we’re counting the community service hours and hope to make it to our goal of 300 Days of Service!  That’s 7,200 hours and we’re more than 10% there, just one month into the year.