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A look through time, in Haddonfield…


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  • Narrator: Claudia Apicella
  • Photos courtesy of Historical Society of Haddonfield
  • Bruce Springsteen photos courtesy of Frank Stefanko
  • Music: “There’s So Much Energy in Us” Written by Craig Minowa, Performed by Cloud Cult, Published by Minowa Publishing
  • Special Thanks: Catherine Smith, Kathy Tassini, Jim Eyles, Historical Society of Haddonfield, Don Case Casting, Greg Kohs


Did you know…

Haddonfield, NJ, a small town located eight miles from the city of Philadelphia, has a long history that has been treasured and cared for by many generations of residents. In October of 1913, a group of those residents decided to honor the “Two Hundredth Anniversary of the Settlement of Haddonfield”, celebrating the erection of New Haddonfield Plantation by John and Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh in 1713 as the settlement date of the town.

On October 18, 1913 Haddonfield and vicinity witnessed a great celebration of the town’s bicentennial. Chaired by Samuel Nicholson Rhoads (a collateral descendant of Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh), James Lane Pennypacker and Julia Bedford Gill, the celebration included the presentation of papers on the history of the town in the Haddonfield Friends Meetinghouse, the erection of a tablet to the memory of Elizabeth Haddon Estaugh in the Friends Cemetery, an exhibition of documents and historical artifacts in the Artisans Hall, and in the afternoon a series of historicaltableaux on the lawn of the Samuel Wood house, the original site of New Haddonfield. The attendance for the events numbered well over 6,000. (source, The Historical Society of Haddonfield)